ViiiP Route

Sunday, September 13th 11:00-5:00 PM, 2009

Join in the ViiiP Route and put yourself in the leading role of this cultural event!
The House of Arts Limburg and artist Ines den Rooijen presented the ViiiP route to the public during “Het Parcours” (a temporary outdoor event).

In various areas across the city, at Centre Céramique and 4 other locations, studios were equipped where visitors to Het Parcours could themselves create a unique image: a portrait of the audience. The ViiiP route reversed the regular Circuit. Podium institutions presented their productions for the upcoming season to the public while Ines den Rooijen provided the audience with its own stage.

By showing a special card, visitors became a guest in the picture, sound and text studios in Centre Céramique or in a branch of the studios at various locations. The recordings were made by professionals such as Romy Finke, Hilda Haafkens, Charles Krutzen, Wil Peerboom, René Reynders and Monique Wegdam.

The entire Centre Céramique route took a half hour and entitled the visitor to the exclusive ViiiP button, available in the ViiiP caravan parked on Square 1992. (But visitors could also just visit just one of the studios.)

With your participation you give the audience an identity!!!

The ViiiP Mix was shown directly at the 5 various locations of Het Parcours.