Jerry Cans

Performance in public space, 2005

Saturday, January 29, In the centre of the city of Maastricht for an hour and a half 500 new empty jerry cans were distributed for free to shoppers. Of this public performance photo, video and sound recordings were made by a team of Paparazzi:

Gam Bodenhausen, Ri-Jeanne Cuppens, Chantal Le Doux, Hilda Haafkens, Erwin Labijt, Leslie De Koning, Alx Marks, Wil Peerboom, Harm Jan Roeles, René Reynders, Ines Den Rooijen, Linda Savelkouls, Suse Schröder, Mini Smulders, Willem Janssen Valentijn, Lara Vos, Moniek Wegdam.