Revolving Door

2006 Present: On loan to Odapark, Venray, the Netherlands

The piece stands in the middle of a path (in a forest/park) so people can walk through the sculpture by turning the door around. The door consists of 5 open panels made of steel profiles, in one of which is placed 2 x 2 mirrors.
The sculpture continually reflects a different part of its surroundings.
Material: Steel, 4 mirrors
Dimensions: H x B: 2.50 x 2.30 m

1988 Rijksuniveriteit Limburg Gardens
1989 Jan van Eyck Academy Maastricht
2006 Odapark, Merseloseweg 117, Venray, Netherlands
The park is open from Tuesday to Sunday 11.00 - 17.00 PM admission is free